My name is Musa

Rosa, a British Jewess, has been invited with her husband, David, to stay on a Jewish settlement on the Palestinian West Bank. The settlement overlooks an Arab village. Much against the advice of her hostess, Rebecca, the couple go on a little walk.

The astonishing discovery of an abandoned Palestinian baby is to change their lives forever. ‘My name is Musa’ is a note written in Arabic pinned to the baby’s shawl. They find out that the baby has a congenital heart defect and although they leave the baby in Bethlehem, Rosa cannot get Musa out of her mind. Months later Rosa brings him to London for a heart operation and finally he is adopted by the couple. Will David ever truly accept this foreign baby?

Musa is growing up very confused about his real identity. He is determined to search for his birth mother within the background of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but the mystery of his roots has a very different conclusion to what he had imagined.

Prejudice stemming from cruel history over centuries makes us fail to remember that God is the parent of us all. In reading My Name is Musa I relearned a lesson. By whatever Name we call the Creator, that Creator has commended us all to Love one another. – Rt. Rev. R0bert McKewin

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